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Legends of the Fall - Main Theme


Legends of the Fall - Main Theme

  • Here you can get an into depth tutorial of the Main Theme of the soundtrack "Legends of the Fall". Composed by James Horner. This into depth piano tutorial is based on this video.

    In this tutorial I explain step by step how to master this piece and how to tackle some roadblocks while playing this on the piano. This is done in a slower tempo than the original so you can follow clearly what is going on.

    If you can't read sheet music or don't prefer to master this piece by a Midi file then this is a perfect way for learning this theme. Having the sheets and the Midi file is a good thing but it's not neccesary. Good luck mastering this wonderful theme!


    Also available

    Sheet music
    Midi File

NOTICE: If you want to use this musical file other then personal enjoyment, please contact Noud van Harskamp for the possibilties. 

Click here for more information.  

After purchase you obtain the musical file as zip file.

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